BV Spring: Session 4 Running order


Mafu Zulu


Strike it up tabor


White winter hymnal


A rose is a rose


Only you


The storm is passing over


Learning section (altos learning with me in the MAIN ROOM)

Wild Winter

Cable car (review)


Movin on up


Va pensiero


Wuthering heights by Kate Bush



One day like this (for Cecil)

BV Spring session 3


Here below is the running order for our third session this term


Warm up

Ali ah

As I me walked (other verses)



Done made my vow



Learning (Sopranos with me)

Cheese song. Final session

Also Recap : Strike it up Tabor


After special requests:

Anthem of the week : 


Strike it up tabor

Mercy mercy

Lonesome road

A rose is a rose

Day like this