Sunday greetings

Hallo everyone,

hope your weekend was as sun-filled as it seemed to be day today.

I’ll be putting up audio files for Adio Querida tomorrow morning so do please look out for that.

Thanks again to Eileen for all the work she is doing to ensure ease and clarity of communications with you.

We will continue our way with A Rose is a Rose, hopefully reaching the end of that piece and the same also with  Paper Moon.

Oculus we will work at the  “Someone was singing their voice tiny in all that air” section

See you Wednesday.

Learning files for 3 songs now up!

And a merry Wednesday morning to you all!

So….you may have noticed that the learning files for your individual voice parts have been thudding into your Dropbox the past few days.

It will certainly be worth wrapping your dainty lugholes around these veritable gems before tonight to speed and facilitate our learning!

Particularly I reckon you will find that litening to A Rose is a Rose in tandem with your individually tailored word sheet should make life a whole lot easier.

This link should take you right there, or cut and paste the URL below into your browser.

Looking forward very much to seeing you all this evening for vocal fun and games,


Sunday evening greetings!

Good Evening fellow singers!

It’s that Sunday evening post again…..

So just to say…. I have just now put up the audio parts of Oculus  for you all and will endeavor to do “A Rose is a Rose tomorrow” morning before heading off to work.

Look out for Paper Moon done on Tuesday evening……

Anticipating with pleasure the thought of  your melodious company on Wednesday…do perhaps give the Oculus files a listen now:

Her also is a nice picture of the “unread dedication” in the piece: