Errata and Humble Pie

Greetings to you all.

Have been in a bit of a vortex as have been trying to hit a deadline to write music for a mini-opera while getting ready for this concert with BraveColourNature while finding time to do the tax return.

It must be January!

Anyway firstly: I got confused last week and the concert with my band is not this Thursday 23rd it is actually FRIDAY 24th at Alchemy 198 on Gloucester Road. I am sorry but was confused at the end of last weeks session!

Do please come along from about 8.15pm I reckon!

TONIGHT’s BV rehearsal 22nd Jan.

Apologies for the late running of this blog service (similar reasons to the above :

Anyway tonight we will:

  1. Finish learning Oculus
  2. Move forward with learning vs2 of That Lonesome Road
  3. Start looking at a beautiful Medieval song discovered by a friend of mine: called Ecce Dies Innovatur: I will bring words and translation and put a pdf of the score up on the Dropbox about 5.15 pm
  4. Sing through Picture in a Frame

See you later with pleasure and sorry for poor service this week!


‘Ere we go! Week two approacheth

Dear BV’ers,

Thanks so much for getting 2020 off to a fresh and inspiring start last week.

So as promised I have uploaded in our Dropbox folder the files for the new songs that we are looking at this term.

you can see them here:

Lonesome Road:

Just to say the recording that is up there is correct in terms of the notes/meloidies but there are one or two places in verse 2 where a doo is an oo and that sort of thing. Essentially the word sheet I gave out last time is more or less right and that that will override any syllables that are different on the recording. I will show you these points on Wednesday . The important thing is to get to your part by listening to the recordings to speed up the learning with me.

Do bring a pen or a pencil if you can!


Wild Winter

The parts and recording is up.

Tenors : I have also put a score of your part as this changed line makes it possible for you to sing it and stops it going impossibly low for you! I will show you this on wedensday, for now just familiarise yourself/remind yourself of the tune!



Have a listen to your part and try and be ready to have a crack at singing from the beginning of the piece all the way to the end of the contrapuntal section we learned last time (“The iris in the grapefruit dome” bit)


Picture in a Frame:

Remind yourselves of your parts so it is a bit less of a shock when we run it again!


In the Dark Places:

Please have a look at verse two of this please and remind yourself of verse one


Thanks and see you on Wedensday!

Christmas Party Word Sheet: please print

Here as promised are the lyric sheet with the words of the singalong carols for tomorrow (wednesday) night’s Christmas Party.

it is laid out as:

  1. First Half Carols (The singalong carols from the BHI event)
  2. Great American Song Book
  3. Modern Songs (Joni Mitchell, The Pogues etc)
  4. “Classic” Carols

Please print one or two copies of these  and bring along tomorrow.

If you can print two copies,  so you have a spare for a friend, even better!

I will also bring some extras along so that we have a few spares for people unable to print and extra audience.

There are 8 sides of A4. It is here below as both a pdf and a Word document

Just click on the link you prefer below

Bristol Voices Xmas Singalongs 2019

Bristol Voices Xmas Singalongs 2019

See you tomorrow!