BV Autumn session 12

Greetings BV’ers.

hope you are all doing well.

Just rather belatedly posting the running order for tonight (apologies)…time runs away these days.


BV 12

7.30 Gather


A rose is a rose

Hark how the bells (Have a look at this again if you get a moment)


Done made my vow

The storm is passing over


8.05 Learning session (Basses with me ) 

Youtube learning link for SAT will be posted laeter and during the session in chat) .

Whose Woods

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

White Winter Hymnal


8.25 back to main room and sing through

Anthem of the week

Paper Moon

i shall not be moved

Va Pensiero

BV Christmas event thoughts

While thinking through how to do our end-of-term Christmas party in a zoom format last night it was brilliantly suggested that, in addition to our singing chrismtassy repertoire and singalongs, some live festive/wintry readings would also help us to come together and break up the singing nicely as we “wende oure waye” through the event.

With this in mind could anyone who would like to read something out that evening let me know  whether it be poetry or prose.

Your reading  should be no more than 3 minutes long and be something that you are happy to read out on zoom and believe will help us all feel more christmassy! Simple really!

Do send any thoughts to me at as this will help me to put together the programme for that evening.

Many thanks!