Good Morning Bristol!

Good Morning and  Happy Monday to you all!

Here is my first attempt at posting you in this manner. Hopefully it will soon become a cornucopia of contentment.

So first of all well done last week for all your fine singing, it normally takes a while to  re-establish learning methods after a couple of months away but you were right on it, making headway and beautiful sounds from the start.

As I said we have some gorgeous music to sing together this term and as is my way we wont even mention the C word until after half term when we will start to generate repertoire for the hospital event in December.

So to show you some of the advantages of this blog here should be a lovely version of Paper Moon for you to enjoy! This is the one I grew up with and its a corker.

I will record the learning files for this later this week (probably after our session on wednesday) : so check in from time to time. In fact I will let you know with a second blog post when this is done.

Finally here is a nice version of the Ladino song we started looking at last time: (that Verdi borrowed the melody of…)

For a link to Dropbox, please go to ‘Jeremy’s page and teacher tracks’ under the Members Area.

All best and see you with pleasure on Wednesday!