Welcome to Mid-October!

Don’t know about you but I have been battling with hedge trimming this weekend. While  teetering on unlikely-angled step-ladders, scratching my arms on hawthorn and using muscles that only get used while waving electric hedge- trimmers in the air various hummable tunes have been going round in my head.

One such is a beautiful number by Tom Waits that I arranged for choir back in the summer.

Have a listen to the original here and we can start looking at it over the next few weeks before half term.

Hope to start looking at that this Wednesday while simultaneously pushing forward with Oculus which we will continue learning from “Someone was singing , their voice tiny in all that air” and hopefully on into the fugue bit  “The iris in the grapefruit dome” (!)

Finally we will review Paper Moon so do give this a listen before Wednesday’s session if possible!

See you on Wednesday!

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