‘Ere we go!

Firstly I just really want to thank those of you who gave a sterling performance at the SSGB on Saturday morning. It was great fun and we really pulled it off nicely!

I  also really enjoyed having the chance to look over the boat and shipyard for the first time.It’s AMAAAZING!

So….looking forward to seeing you on Wedensday to put the finishing touches to our xmas programme for the BHI on Friday.

Therefore we will start the evening by singing Photo in a Frame,  Dream dream dream, Wangol and Adio Querida:

Please make sure you have have a listen to  Photo in a frame and Adio Querida before our rehearsal.

Then we will top and tail the whole programme including the readings.

The running order will essentially be the same as the one that is already out there, we will however add in the couple of readings and slip one of the singalong carols in earlier in the programme to ensure everyone participates in the audience too!

ooh and a final point about Deck the Hall: the lyrics in Dropbox are the correct ones and tally with the words on the learning files / recording. Please print these out if you are in any doubt.

See you on Wednesday for a good old sing !



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