Errata and Humble Pie

Greetings to you all.

Have been in a bit of a vortex as have been trying to hit a deadline to write music for a mini-opera while getting ready for this concert with BraveColourNature while finding time to do the tax return.

It must be January!

Anyway firstly: I got confused last week and the concert with my band is not this Thursday 23rd it is actually FRIDAY 24th at Alchemy 198 on Gloucester Road. I am sorry but was confused at the end of last weeks session!

Do please come along from about 8.15pm I reckon!

TONIGHT’s BV rehearsal 22nd Jan.

Apologies for the late running of this blog service (similar reasons to the above :

Anyway tonight we will:

  1. Finish learning Oculus
  2. Move forward with learning vs2 of That Lonesome Road
  3. Start looking at a beautiful Medieval song discovered by a friend of mine: called Ecce Dies Innovatur: I will bring words and translation and put a pdf of the score up on the Dropbox about 5.15 pm
  4. Sing through Picture in a Frame

See you later with pleasure and sorry for poor service this week!


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