Focus-time team!

Phew, glad that storm’s over, hope you all survived intact!

Looking forward to our last session before half-term this Wednesday evening!

Let’s nail the end of “That Lonesome Road” … i.e. the “Carry on” section up to the end.

It’s a bit easier than last week’s section but will still greatly benefit from you all knowing it a bit before we put it together. Do please click through to the Dropbox link here and have a good listen!

http://that lonesome road files

We will also run Oculus so it feels comfortable and familiar rather than a brain buster!

If you get a moment perhaps write down on a crib-sheet the first words of each section so you can start to lift your heads up even more and get the piece in your collective memory.

Remember:  to do this you don’t have to remember everything perfectly in one go.  It does take an act of will to start letting go of your prop i.e. your lyric folder but it pays huge dividends in terms of pleasure and the sound you make.

As long as we all have a good picture sense of the piece we will be fine in performance  Different people remember different bits and then remind others of that: so do just have a go without fear!

Two sessions from St. George performance now so I would say we are right on target!

Finally just wanted to let you know of a lovely all female acapella quartet from Norway who are coming to perform in Bath on Feb 28th: I saw them last year and can thoroughly recommend them…it’s amazing moving music brilliantly and memorably performed!

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