Time to ZOOM!!

In the past few days I have felt certain that we should continue trying to  sing together on our computers and tablets to support ourselves through these strange and alarming times.

Our choir is a great source of strength and positivity and pleasure for all of us!

it would also be great if  we can get inspired by new material in this period so we can hit the ground running when we finally come back together when it is safe again.

With all this in mind I would therefore love to invite you all to a trial virtual choir session at our usual Wednesday time: our meeting will be this Wednesday 25th March at 7.30pm using ZOOM, a virtual video conferencing app!

I have been using this app already to participate in yoga classes already and it works very well for a class of 12 and i am interested to see how it works for a group of about 40! If it works for most of you it can be a nice way for us all to hang out over the next few weeks and you never know I may be able to run some songs with you too at the same time!

So……. to join in the fun simply click on the following link and then follow the instructions:


You will  be led through the necessary stages to install Zoom on your device and finally to join in the meeting itself.

I suggest therefore that you join the meeting before its advertised  start time so there is time to install the software/app  before the 7.30 session start time.

You will of course need to have your audio/speakers turned on so you can hear the session and even be part of it by singing. The camera on your laptop/tablet/phone will also fire up to give us all a live feed of you which when taken altogether should feel like we are all together in a choir session once more! 

Tomorrow I will post up here on the blog a running order for this our first session  along with some further instructions so that we are all reading from the same hymn sheet so to speak!

Have your word sheets at the ready too!


Jeremy x








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