A plan for tonight: Zooommmm!!

Hello everyone!

With a little time to go until our 7.30 pm meeting let me just give you a vague idea of the intended running order for the evening.

  1. JA : Welcome: dealing with technical issues getting as many as possible able to be heard and seen
  2. Committee: very brief AGM to accept endorse the new committee members
  3. Everyone: Sharing some experiences: to help us familiarise ourselves with the technology (for you as well as me!) I will invite some of you to let me know if you would like to share a brief vignette of something positive that has happened in the last week.
  4. Music Session:

We start with a vocal warm up, followed by singing Ali-ah as a warm up song.

Then we  sing the following pieces in this order:

i) Paper Moon

ii) Ecce dies innovatur

iii) The Storm is passing over:  (NEW SONG !: please download and print the words form the Dropbox)

                                         INTERLUDE FOR A CHAT/GET A CUPPA (10 mins)

iv) Something inside so strong CHORUS ONLY : (NEW SONG !: please download and print the words from the Dropbox)

v) Mercy Mercy

vi) That Lonesome Road

5. Goodbyes and sharing some thoughts for the next few weeks

6. JA will end the session


So that’s the plan. Please be patient and not expect too much at this stage. It may all go slightly pear shaped because it is the first time I have used the technology and unfortunately I have to be choir leader and technical wizard at the same time. I will get there!!



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