Thanks for feedback and this Wednesday’s Zoom choir running order

Dear BV’ers,

thank you all so much for your wonderful participation in our first Zoom session last week : it was so uplifting to see each other and be together. Thank you for your patience while we worked it out together and all the wonderful feeling you all generated with your singing! Wonderful that Rob and Cath were able to join us from Greece too.  Jeux sans frontieres !!

Thanks too for all  your  subsequent email feedback,  full of good ideas which I will incorporate into this week’s session.

Firstly though just to remind you that Zoom can never replace the true experience of our singing together in a room. This is largely due to its inevitable time-lag while the computer processes all our speech and sends it back out to our 43 or so computers. When talking in a small group sometimes you don’t notice this tiny delay however when making music this “latency” means no-one can ever sing together in time. Zoom also has another feature which boosts the sound of the loudest participant which means it just can’t give us a satisfactory mix of all our voices together equally loudly.

So this is why I need to “mute” you when we sing together…. 🙂

Some of you may have seen lovely videos like this:

which give the impression that everyone is singing together while using Zoom.  However what is actually going on here is that the Murmuration choir leader has recorded the original zoom session and then re-edited it by adding over the top an earlier recording of the choir singing  the song. Neat stuff but a ‘fiction”!

So in the light of this and the difficulties we had with teaching that new song “The Storm is passing over” my plan at least for this week is to go back to basics.

  1. The session will last  an hour and a quarter 7.30 till 8.45. There will be no break.
  2. We will gather for only 5-10 minutes at the start and then get straight on with actual singing .
  3. We won’t learn anything new this week: rather we will sing songs we already know

Technical things:

Between the different parts of the session I will unmute everyone so we can say a few words and stay in touch as a group. As a rule don’t unmute yourself randomly.

Do learn how to “put your hand up” so that if you want to say  something to the group I can see that you want to say something: this should make our communications a bit less chaotic! This is how to do it:

“Click on the icon labeled “Participants” at the bottom center of your computer screen. At the bottom of the window on the right side of the screen, click the button labeled “Raise Hand.” Your digital hand is now raised.


So my running order for the forthcoming  session is below; please can you make sure you have the word sheets for all of these available in your folders by the time the meeting starts

Running Order

  1. 5-10 minutes as we all arrive on screen and ensure our microphones are on (please try and be on time or turn on the thing 5 minutes early)

  2. Physical and vocal warm up including Tongue Twister of the Week

  3. All I have to do is dream

  4. Into the great wide open

  5.  I say a little prayer

  6.  Mercy

  7. Wangol

  8. Dindirrin (I will remind you of the parts to this but do please have a listen to them online)

  9. Ali-ah

  10. One day like this

Click on the links below to  find these songs :

Looking forward very much to seeing you all on Wedensday at our normal time of 7.30 .

Good Luck!

All best till then! x


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