BV Zoom session 3 here we come!!!

Hallo dear BV friends,

Was great to finesse the method of zoom teaching you all last week a bit.

I think this method will go from strength to strength.

This coming Wednesday’s session will follow a similar path to last week.

Here is the link:

It will run from 7.30 to about 8.45

We will gather for 10 mins at the start of class and then kick off into a brief stretch and warm up (including “Tongue Twister of the week” ) before singing this old-favourite round together:

Round of the week

Friends forget the cares

This song is quite a work out so probably worth having a listen to before the session.

After that we will continue the session as we did last week in this order:


May the Road





Picture in a Frame

A Rose is a Rose

Into the great wide open

Diniddirin (with  brief sectional run through and pronunciation reminder)


Anthem of the week

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen (was going to do American Pie before I realised it was 9 minutes long and more trouble than it was worth!) PS. Please keep your anthem suggestions coming to

Lyrics are available here



Va Pensiero

One day like this


I have created a single folder for all  lyric sheets in any particular week to help you easily locate the words. Please look here on Wednesday itself if you need to download and print off any word sheets which you are short of.

You can also search for all the audio learning recordings under the main headings here:

Archive for past songs folder:

Current Spring term songs


See you on Wedensday!!

must zoom off now………

Jeremy x

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