Zoom choir week 4: breakout rooms/sectional moment

Greetings dear BV’ers.

Looking forward to seeing you all again this Wednesday at the normal time of 7.30.

This week we are going to try to add something new: namely half way through the rehearsal I will remind each part individually of it’s tune and words in Dindirrin.

What this means is that while I am working with the Sopranos at 8.10 I will send Altos Tenors and Basses briefly off to their own “breakout” rooms for a chat (A zoom feature!). Once we have placed you there you can either hang out with your friends and chat together or go off and make a cup of tea for a few minutes. The important thing is to be back at computer when the full choir resumes at 8.30  so we can all sing through what we have just done.

When I have finished working with the Sops (after about five minutes) I will send them to their own breakout room and bring the Altos to the main “room” to do their individual rehearsal.  The timings for this will be 8.10 Sopranos, 8.15 Altos, 8.20 Tenors and 8.25 Basses. You won’t need to do anything yourself as we will place wherever you are meant to be and conjure you back at 8.30 to the main room  to sing Dindirrin all through together and then head on in the direction of anthem of the week.

If this test run of “Sectionals” is successful it will mean that as the new term progresses I will be able to bring some new songs into our rehearsals to keep things fresh.

I have therefore  created a new meeting template for this week so on Weds please would you click on the following link to find your way the new meeting.


The lyric sheets to put in order for this week are:


Paper Moon

Cable Car


Dindirrin Sectionals 8.10 – 8.30

Anthem of the week:

One Love Bob Marley

Lonesome road

You Raise me up (an old favourite for you to try)

Into the Great Wide Open

Let the river Run: (Just listen through)

Beautiful day

Will put the lyric sheets in the folder for this week here:


See you on Wednesday!

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