Wednesday 22nd April….zooming on!

Dear Brave Warriors in Zoom!

really hope that you are all surviving well or even thriving as we approach our 5th Session on Zoom this wednesday at 7.30pm.

it was great that we managed to get those breakout rooms working last week and we will do the same this week but with a different order (B,T,A,S)

however this week we will work at reminding you of your parts for You lift me up, which I am told you enjoyed singing in the time before i took over the reins.

So running order this week will be:

Warmups including Tongue Twister of the week

Great Day (round)

All I have to do is dream

Diniddirin (please revise)

Done made my vow to the lord


You lift me Up (sectionals)

8.10 Basses

8.15 Tenors

8.20 Altos

8.25 Sopranos

8.30 Sing whole piece through

Anthem of the Week : I will survive (Thanks to Clare Maybury for suggesting :-))

Picture in a Frame

Va Pensiero

Beautiful Day

given that the sectionals take a little longer we will like last week probably go on till about 9pm.

Lyrics can be found here from Wednesday morning

See you on Wednesday!!

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