BV zoom session 6 : the zooming goes on!

You surpassed yourselves last week! I will survive ….definitely inspried choice…this week’s anthem….Read on!


BV week 6 running order


  • Warm up including fiendish Tongue Twister of the week



  • Dindirrin (remindyourselves of the meaning of each verse) check lyrics here

Basses 8.10

Tenors  8.15

Altos  8.20

Sopranos 8.25

Singthrough: 8.30

These will be precisely times this week so please be quiet when you re-enter the main room

What this will mean is that you will hopefully  be automatically returned to the main room just before your sectional session starts

When you get there please just wait patiently for the minute or so it takes to complete the previous sectional…then I will move swiftly on to remind you of your bit for the week.

This week we will look at one thing , which is the key change and the pause in you raise me up.


Click below here for this glorious and overdue anthemic singalong! Please all sing the ghostly ooeeeooeeoo female voice sections too! Have a look at the video in advance to remind yourselves of the fun that awaits


Ghostly intro


This town, is coming like a ghost town
All the clubs have been closed down
This place, is coming like a ghost town
Bands won’t play no more (brass)
Too much fighting on the dance floor

Aaaaah (wailing bandshees…twice!)

Ghostly keyboards

Middle 8 (major jey)

Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?
We danced and sang, and the music played in a de boomtown

Instrumental: flute, brass and moog

(spoken) This town, is coming like a ghost town
 (rapped) Why must the youth fight against themselves?
Government leaving the youth on the shelf
This place, is coming like a ghost town
No job to be found in this country
Can’t go on no more
(spoken) The people getting angry


Aaaaah (wailing bandshees…twice!)

This town, is coming like a ghost town (find your own harmonies!)
This town, is coming like a ghost town
This town, is coming like a ghost town
This town, is coming like a ghost town


  • Picture in a frame


  • A rose is a rose


  • Paper moon


  • One day like this


All lyrics will be posted in their own special post by Monday: please check back here on the blog

If you already have print outs just arrange them IN ADVANCE in your BV folder


See you there!



this is the event on FB for singing Bella Ciao from home.

Use translation to understand everything.

Please make a video of your doing it and either post it to me at:


Use hashtags #6000sardine #Bellaciaoinognicasa #25aprile #iorestolibero for your choir’s video.

A more official version of 25 aprile celebrations (expect journalists talking, artists singing, the ANPI association of partisans but no Sardine) will be live on the website as from 10 am Italian time on Saturday.

Sing away anyway, I’m sure it will sound great.

Bella Ciao lyrics




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