Zoomification leads to Jollification!

Greetings fellow travellers in Zoom!

We gather again next weds at the normal time for our weekly virtual murmuration which I have to say is really finding its feet.

So as a special thank you for all your hard work this week we shall sing ELVIS PRESLEY’S (YES!) classic Spring fever.

i also have a lovely SATB arrangement which I can teach you in 4 parts later on…but for now just enjoy learning this singalong.

Do please feel free to sing both parts (both ladies and gents) . I think it is so good that we will probably do it twice!

Check out the technicolor / CinemaScope and steering-wheel  magic here:

Running order for next time : please arrange your words in advance

  1. See the wind :  a round we enjoyed way back when…
  2. Done made my vow
  3. Senzenina (with my fabulous house mate nurse grace Mashiri from Zimbabwe singing too!)
  4. Oculus (sing along to our recent perfroamnce from St.George’s)
  5. Cablecar (Hopefully the recording of our perromance from St.Georges the year before 2019)
  6. Sectionals: Strike it up tabor  8.15 Sops 8.20 Altos and fem tenors 8.25 Men 8.30 Sing through
  7. Anthem of the week: Spring Fever: Elvis Presley
  8. Mercy
  9. May the road
  10. Into the Great Wide Open


Please get your lyrics ready in advance : you should have them all already in your folders and the Elvis ones are downloadable by clicking here

Spring Fever words


See you on Wednesday!





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