Senzenina words and a word about breakout rooms

here are the words of our new song Senzenina

Each verse is “Called” by Grace from Zimbabwe and then you respond/ follow.

Each verse has only one phrase or word that is repeated:


  1.  Sen-ze-ni-na
  2. What have we done?
  3. Si-bul-wa-yo (They are killing us)
  4. Ma-yi-bu-ye I Africa (Let Africa return)

Breakout rooms

Just to remind you , you will be assigned to your breakout room at the start of the session. A sign will come up letting you know this. however do not go there until we get to the individual rehearsals at 8.10. The order of breakout rooms this week will be:

8.10 Altos

8.15 Tenors

8.20 Sopranos

8.25 Basses

So the Altos should please stay in the main room at the start of the sectional rehearsals. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE UNTIL YOU HAVE HAD YOUR LEARNING SESSION!

many thanks!


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