BV Zoom week 9

John Lennon’s lucky number this week : the square root of three…. it’s time for our ninth virtual outing!

Was great to here you banging out the tunes weds night. I am receiving so many great Anthem Suggestions (20 at the last count) so thank you so much for your enthusiasm and creativity:  so I am upping the number we do to two per week.

Some of the suggestions are great but obscure :  I need the anthems to be an easy sing and known by most people. However some of your suggestions are such quality that I am absolutely bookmarking and we can sing also when we get back togtheer!

So we will continue this week with

  • Round of the week: Gaudeamus (was sounding so good last time let’s knock it out of the park in 4 parts one more time to wake us up at the start of the session !)
  • A rose is a rose
  • Strike it up tabor
  • Senzenina (sort recap)
  • Learning session

 Ecce dies innovatur

  • Anthem of the week 1

Movin’ on Up “: Primal Scream


  • Done made my vow
  • May the Road
  • Dindirrin
  • Picture in A frame
  • Beautiful day
  • Anthem of the week 2

Mr.Blue Sky

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