BV Zoom 13 : Weds 17th June 2020

Well we had fun last week! Hopefully you have all been enjoying some movement in the direction of normal! Here’s hoping this week we can have more merriment! please

  1. See the Wind
  2. Adio Querida
  3. Strike it up Tabor
  4. Kukamaa


5. Learning:

The storm is passing over:

20.10 Soprano

20.15 Bass

20.20 Alto

20.25 tenor

20.30 All sing through

Please listen to the track here:  I will teach you your individual part during the session

Here below are the lyrics if you missed them last time around!

The storm is passing over

6. Anthem of the week: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


  1. You Raise me Up
  2. Soul
  3. Paper Moon
  4. May the Road
  5. One day like this

See you there!

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