In the Dark Places

We are going to do an experiment today and a leader in each breakout room (already sorted!) will play through to you both your own voice’s part and the full recording of this PJ Harvey song that I have rerecorded for you with Hannah Khan on soprano. The arrangement was made by composer Orlando Gough to close the version of Othello I did at the Globe a few years back.

I am attaching here all parts in both audio and lyric form and hope you can have your own parts lyrics handy when you get to your breakout room during the learning session today.

I reckon this method may well allow us to learn more new music with less pain and keep new repertoire coming even while using zoom sessions!

Fingers crossed…good luck and see you this evening!

Jeremy x

In the dark Places EV – Full Score

In the Dark Places alto words

In the Dark Places bass words

In the Dark Places soprano words

In the Dark Places tenor words

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