BV Zoom session 16 : 8th July

Dear BV’ers.

We are doing so well.

Last night’s session was still deeply enjoyable. Thanks for staying with us!

So the order for next week is:

  1. Round : This old freedom train
  2. Mercy Mercy
  3. A Rose is a Rose
  4. Cable car
  5. Done Made my Vow

Learning session: In the Dark Places

I will be teaching the “So our young men” section to the end

Order of teaching :





You will again listen to the whole song of Dark Places in the breakout room focussed on your part.

Anthem: Mad World

thanks to Anne B for her suggestion of “Don’t stop” from last week.

This week we have Mad World originally by Tears for Fears:

thanks to Anna K. for the suggestion.


Here is a beautiful video of the version by Gary Jules



6. Kukama yetu

7.Adio Querida

8. You Raise me up

9. Soul

10. May the Road

11. into the Great Wide Open



See you there !

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