WELCOME BACK!!! Zoom rehearsal this Weds 2nd September

It’s September tomorrow which means….(roll of drums) ……. Bristol Voices will be back in action on Zoom for the first half of term.

I am really looking forward to seeing all your faces on Wednesday evening same place (your device!) same time as usual (7.30pm).

This is the link to the session;




We have agreed to try running LONGER SECTIONALS.

5 minutes per part was just not enough time to teach very much and we want to keep learning significant new material in order to keep a sense of forwadr motion.


So waht this means is that the session will start with sectional rehearsals of 15 minutes for each part.

The order for this will be:

7.25 Sopranos Gather in main room

7.30  Sopranos to their breakout room

7.45 Altos to their breakout room

8.00 Tenors to their breakout room

8.15  Basses to their breakout room


The way this will work is that Sopranos will rendez-vous in the main room at say 7.25 ready to be taken into their breakout room for 15 mins of learning at 7.30: their breakout room will then stay open until 8.30 where they can either hang out and chat or go off and eat supper make a cup of tea. retruning to the main room at 8.30 (All breakout rooms will be closed automaticaly at this point)

Altos will be gathered in the main room for 7.40- 7.45 and then will themselves go to their breakout room to learn with me at 7.45

The same thing will apply for tenors fro 8pm ad Basses for 8.15. then all breakout rooms will be closed at 8.30 and we will all find ourselves back in the main room.

Then the main session  of all parts togetehr  will begin as normal and run till 9.30.

I will clarify this more in a further post I will send out tonight along with the running order and some lyrics for the two new pieces we will be learning this week.

Exciting eh?!

Watch this space.





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