Running order for Autumn zoom session 2

Dear BV’ers,

Thank you so much for bearing with us while we tried something new last week. As you can appreciate we are inventing the wheel here so I apologies if the pacing of the evening was not quite right.

We are going to try for a slightly shorter session this week but still with plenty of new material to keep you occupied  learning fresh tunes.

We will achieve this by my recording 3 of the 4 learning breakout room sessions before the actual rehearsal.  15 minute videos for Alto, Tenor and Bass will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube before the session. The links for these will be shared with you while in the breakout room during your learning session. Each week I will teach one vocal section in real time : this week it will be the Sopranos. (Next week that will be the altos who get the “real-time me!” and so on each week.)

At the end of the 15 minutes we will all rendez-vous back together in the main room to sing through what we have just learned.

I also need your suggestions for Anthems of the week! Best will be positive songs that everyone will know and enjoy singing and even dancing along to!

We will also keep the rehearsal slightly shorter than last week finished by 9pm latest.


So with this in mind:


Running order Weds 9th September


7.15-7.30 all gather

7.30 Session starts

Warm up

See the Wind

New song (quickly learnt together) Ezulwini (African song)

The storm is passing over

8 -8.15 new material learned in Breakout rooms (ATB use Youtube link delivered in breakout room)

8.15-8.30 return to main group to run the newly learned material

8.30 Anthem of the week (to be confirmed)

8.35 Learn unison verse of “Walking on my own”

8.40 Senzenina

8.45 Done made my vow

Mercy Mercy


Picture in a Frame

Paper Moon

May the Road


Session will finish by 9pm

Good Luck one and all!

Zoom link:

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