BV Autumn session 3

BV Autumn session 3

Just letting you have  here tomorrow night’s running order here so you can get the words in the right order before the session.

Hopefully you all have seen the links to the learning youtube videos in my last post (including the Sopranos!) : do please have a watch of this together with your lyric sheets before Wednesday so we can get further into the “Walking on my own” song.

So here is the runining order and approximate timings for tomorrow, Wedensday 16th Sept..

7.30 Meet Greet and Warm up


Dream dream dream




8-8.15 S,T,B Learning sessions looking at grooves from Nickomo’s splendid arrangement of Movin’ on Up and learn opening and end of I shall not be moved.

 Sop, Tenor, Bass stay in the main room and go off on your browsers to watch your own learning videos of the week

Altos: we will head off into your breakout room for a live learning session with me

I will post links to those learning videos up here by tomorrow lunchtime, so please come with the link already uploaded into your browsers if possible. Failing that, Liz (who is co-hosting the session with me) will also have the links to give out if you have forgotten (though don’t forget is poss!).

Words etc.

Movin’ on up


I shall not be moved



8.15 -8.30 Sing through together what we have just learned

8.30 have a go at Walking on my own (last weeks learning)

8.35 Anthem of the week For the longest time : Billy Joel


8.40 -9pm

The Storm is Passing Over

Lonesome Road

You raise me up


Famba Naye

See you tomorrow!!







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