BV Autumn 4: 23rd September Zoom running order

Greetings one and all!

looking forward to seeing you all this Wednesday and apologies again about any complexities that arose with watching the Learning videos last week.

This week we are going to ask all of you (except the tenors who are learning with me this week in their own breakout room) to go into the learning video breakout room at 8pm approx to watch the video and only to stay in the main room if you are actually having technical difficulties.

You will be assigned to the learning video breakout room at the start of the session

When you get to the breakout room, please mute your microphone (Button in bottom left of your screen), click on your parts learning Youtube link and watch the content . The breakout room will then be closed at the end of the teaching session and you will all find yourselves automatically back in the main room to run through what we have all just learned.

So here is this weeks running order

7.30 Gather and warm up


 Va pensiero


In the Dark Places

8pm Learning session:

Movin’ on up: Intro , v.1 chorus , V.2

Walking on my own: recap chorus/I could be a falcon and  good for the cat sections

I shall not be moved, recap opening and learn ending

8.15 Run through session together

Movin’ on up

Walking on my own

I shall not be Moved

Anthem of the week:

Tracey Chapman ; Talkin’ about a revolution


A rose is a rose

May the road



I shall not be moved recap

You can find words and lyrics for all the songs by searching in the  BV Dropbox root folder here:


This terms new songs and updates are here:


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