BV Autumn week 5


Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

We will repeat last week’s ” 2 breakout-rooms” method, one for the lucky campers who are learning with me live “The Basses” this week and the other for everyone else to goto while they watch their Youtube video (links will be both up on the blog and also posted on the chat in the breakout room).

The only thing to say is, PLEASE MUTE YOURSELF before singing along. Also if you have two devices available you could put the youtube learning video on your phone and sing along while watching the main session on ipad or laptop/computer.


Finally if there is a problem (someone else’s voice mysteriously appears!) then just leave the meeting , watch the video and then come back in using the same code as normal!



Here is the running order:


7.30 Gather and stretch/warm up


Lonesome Road

Strike it up Tabor



8.05 Teaching (Basses in their own breakout room) everyone else in the Youtube breakout room

In the Dark Places (teaching recap)

Walking on my own: the end: “good for the cat” etc.

Verse 3 to end of Movin’ on up


8.20 come back togetehr and sing through


8.35 Anthem of the week



I shall not be moved




Day like this

See you !!!

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