BV Autumn 8

Good Evening  singers of note (or several notes)!

Just to say how proud I am of you all and pleased with how things are going. Learning new music , pushing forward with the new technology and staying together as a group are no mean feats! (Last week was the best attended zoom rehearsal ever in spite of us all being locked out because of the passcode suddenly being required).

So R E S P EC T (as Aretha might say)

This week please get into the meeting using the Zoom link in the members area of the website and the passcode as we can’t switch this demand off!

Zoom rehearsal link: 

The passcode is: 394425

(The meeting ID number is: 94421940512)

Here is tonight’s running order:


Great day

Mafu Zulu

Adio Querida

Journey On chorus from The Whispering Dome (just listening)

Lyrics and score of this song are downloadable/printable here:


Learning session

Tenors will be with me in their own Breakout room:

S A B watch your learning videos in the breakout room:


Ecce dies innovator

Only you (recap)


Anthem of the week

Walking on my own

Only you



May the road


See you there!



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