Youtube links for Autumn session 9 and a link to Jeremy’s recent concert broadcast

Hope you enjoy. Please remember to turn off your microphone as you watch or consider watching the video on a different device if available.

Alternatively you can leave the meeting altogether to watch and then rejoin once you have watched.











Also here is a link for later on if you would like to watch the lovely concert I was part of last Sunday as part of the finale of the Brighton Early Music Festival:

The video will be available on YOUTUBE till this Sunday evening.

I performed in the three sections of the concert (their timed place in the concert is indicated so you can scroll through if you want ) : and of course I actually composed the final piece of the concert and performed it together with some extraordinary musicians from Africa and India and UK :  some of you even participated in the workshop and might want to sing along :


Enjoy responsibly!


 Galleas 1:06


 Maki 1;40


The Whispering Dome : Jeremy’s new commission 1:45:16



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