BV Autumn session 11

Hallo dear BV’ers

well it’s the second half of November and thoughts turn to the wee festive frolic that is fast approaching. Even though we are on zoom for this year we will still be   bringing  the tuneful flavours of the season your way.

Thus I shall start this evening feeding in a few more wintry numbers into our session that i started last week with Whose woods.

So the running order this week is:

7.30 Warm Up

I open my arms wide

Cable Car



White Winter hymnal


8.05 Learning session

Whose Woods

Merry Little Christmas (please have a listen to the opening verse of your part : viewable here)


8.25 Sing through back to the main room to sing through


8.35 Anthem of the week

Done made my vow to the lord

A rose is a rose

Great camp meeting

Into the great wide open



See you tomorrow!


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