BV Spring: Session 4 Running order

Good Luck tonight!

We have created this new meeting as one of the ways to get round the issue with shared sound that some of you encountered last week.

Please do this by signing in to your zoom account. (Please make one if you have not done this yet).

then search for meeting:

Meeting ID: 584 418 7051

Passcode: voices

Only use this link if you are stuck.

This week if you have a problem with shared sound please express this by writing in the chat but not by unmuting your self into the space where we are all singing.

thanks you as ever for your patience. We do want to know what is happening but we also want to keep the session going this week and keep the spirit of the evening going!.

We will feed back to Zoom after the meeting with our experience and your comments in chat.

We think the problem is most likely a software update issue that occurred around February 11th with the latest update. We sincerely hope that zoom may now have fixed it!

Running Order

Mafu Zulu

Strike it up tabor

White winter hymnal

A Rose is a rose

Only You

The Storm is passing over


Learning section (Altos learning with me in the MAIN ROOM)

Wild Winter (files are here)

Cable car (review)


Movin’ on up


Va pensiero


Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

maybe sing this down the octave! 🙂


One day like this (for Cecil)

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