BV Spring 2021 week 5 running order

BV Spring 2021 week 5 running order



Hallo everyone.

So glad we had such a success getting round the technical issues. Could I please ask that no-one joins the meeting before 7pm to ensure that it is me who initiates the meeting. (I will start it at 6.30 to ensure I am first into the meeting).

This I believe will help avoid issues around sound sharing that we had before.


Here is our running order for the 3rd February




White Winter Hymnal

The storm is passing over

I Say a little Prayer


Learning session

Finish Wild Winter, especially part two


Cable Car review



(Tenors with me in main room)

Other sections please leave to watch your learning video and then rejoin the meeting at 8.25 or so.



Anthem of the week


Big yellow taxi: Joni Mitchell


I shall not be moved


That lonesome road


Va Pensiero


It’s only a Paper Moon








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