Mid-holiday hallo

hallo one and all.

Hope you are all doing well, enjoying the sunshine and the mild easing of these pesky  restrictions.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week in a zoomy sort of way.

Just to let you know about a couple of things going on at the moment in my world:

  1. The broadcast of the London Climate Change Festival event where I am singing with Akram Khan and the Jocelyn Pook Ensemble is on next Thursday 22nd April on Sky Arts. I think it is in the evening .


Will updadte the time I am on as I find out bout it. You can easily view Sky Arts on ordinary Freeview on you TV on Channel 11. (you don’t need to pay a subscription to view this channel).


2. Hidden Gems Singing weekend in Bath: 3rd to 5th September 2021.

As some of you know I run singing tours most years to Rome with my singing partner Rebecca Askew. Last year and this year too we have been unable to run the tour because of “You-know-who”/ Mr.C……. However undaunted we have decided to still run a singing tour along similar lines to Bath 3rd-5th September and it occurred to me some of you might want to come along and enjoy a weekend singing in some beautiful spaces in our fair neighbouring city.

We have only a limited  places left  but it would be lovely to see a few of you there if you would like a good old sing in beautiful environs..

All details of the weekend and a booking form are available here :


That’s all for now…..look forward to seeing you on Zoom for start of term next Wednesday 21st.

all best,


Jeremy x



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