Shop Window : prototype performance this Sat pm

Rather late in the day I know but if any of you are in town this afternoon, Saturday 5th June  you would be welcome to come to watch a half hour performnce of my London band’s dance/gig/theatre show called:

Shop Window

We are doing it with the amazing dancer, Ella Mesma and my funk band The Doomsday Dance Band and telling a tale about the benefits of feeling the groove and moving to the music to feel great.

The show is at 4pm and lasts 35 minutes

The Galleries,
25 Union Gallery,
Bristol, BS1 3XD

We are doing the show in the former edinburgh Woolen Mill in the shopping centre.

We will be doing the full show at the end of July and today is just a first showing , but it is looking and sounding great so if any of you are in town and want a free boogie do please drop in by 3.55.

all best ,




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