Apologies for last week, Happy Hols and and a “do still come”

Just to say how sorry I am to have missed last week. I really wasn’t well for about 4 days, in spite of the vaccine (dread to think how I would have been without it!)  but fortunately things looked up over the past weekend and I am now out of isolation, buzzing around as usual.

So I truly wish you all a very good summer holiday and am already looking forward to getting our show rolling once again when we hit September whether inside or outside as circumstances dictate.

Also finally wanted  just to flag up that Shop Window, my band, the Doomsday Danceband’s “Gig-theatre-dance experience” is still taking place in the former Edinburgh Woolen Mill  this Friday and Saturday.

 It’s free, it’s fun and you don’t have to dance….though swaying from side to side is appreciated. Will be lovely to see you there.


 Tickets are available for free here:



And here is a final taster.

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