BV Autumn session 5 : 6th October

So nice to see you all in the one space and didn’t we sound amazing (at times!) , so much for easier for us to be able to work together  when we can actually hear each other!


Here is a new piece for you to enjoy learning that we did at the Hidden Gems Bath Weekend recently:

Rise from the movie “Into the Wild” arranged by Rebecca Askew

Do please have a listen to this before next week.

Altos can sing either the TOP OR the MIDDLE Part as the sop part is not high: female tenors should sing the middle part, male tenors should sing the low part.

Learning files are in Dropbox and there is a link here:


here is the original:


Running order for next week then is:



Adio Querida

All I have to do is dream


Great Camp Meeting

One Day Like This

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