BV rehearsal: Weds 24th Nov

Dear all,

Thanks for your patience on Wednesday last, I was suffering a bit due to the passing away of a good friend and close work colleague so I’m sorry if I was a bit less on the ball than usual.

Anyway we are definitely on the run up to our Christmas show now so our attention will be focused on getting everything ready for our SS. Great Britain outing on Saturday 19th December. Please please start to practice your parts a little bit in between as we have quite a bit to learn.

Even though I can’t be with you on 8th December; I would like to suggest you rehearse a bit that evening and sing through at least half the repertoire playing your parts on the computer to keep everything in your heads and voices.

To answer some of the requests/questions from last time:

 The Taize round’s audio and score are now up in Dropbox. The updated word sheet also shows the process of who comes in where that you can hear on the audio.


  • Santiana: the words for every chorus in our version are:

“Heave her up and away WE’LL go “ and not “Heave her up and away WE go”

  • The repertoire list for the concerts is now updated at the bottom of this post below adding in “Whose Woods”.     NB. I have removed Cable Car and I shall not be moved from the list as we do not have time to rehearse them.


  • This coming week’s song list:


Taize Christmas Round (all of it …please check the revised song lyrics)

Down in yon forest (Please read through the words)

Wellerman (run it)

Santiana (run it)

Whose Woods (run it)

White Winter Hymnal (reminder)

Ding Dong Merrily (reminder)


Full repertoire list for SS. Great Britain

Gloria (Taize Xmas round)

Down in yon forest 

Gower Wassail

White Winter Hymnal

Joy to the world

Boar’s Head

In the bleak midwinter


Bristol Ho!


Carol of the Bells

Silent Night

Ding Dong

Whose Woods


List of songs for rehearsal on 1st December:

Joy to the world

Boar’s Head

In the bleak midwinter

Bristol Ho!

I shall not be moved

Carol of the Bells

Silent Night

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