Running order for SS. Great Britain

hallo everyone!

Well here below is the running orer for SS. Great Britain

The only song we haven’t covered is In the Bleak which I am sure most of you know.

It is there in the drop box to listen to your parts.

We will do this first thing on our rehearsal on the 15th and then run in order everything.

I reckon each performance will last about 30 minutes.:

Running order for SS. Great Britain

Joy to the world


Bristol Ho!


In the bleak midwinter

Whose Woods

Gloria (Taize Xmas round)

Down in yon forest 

Ding Dong

White Winter Hymnal

Boar’s Head

Silent Night


Do please keep trying to get things off by memory.

Just enjoy singing along with your parts and take a few notes as you do so perhaps.

See you on Wednesday at 7.15 for a good old sing through!


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