BV rehearsal: 16th February

Dear BV’ers

Well it’s half term next week so why don’t we sing through everything we have sung so far  this half term, just for fun !

I do want to do a bit of ‘work” on “Two metres form trouble”: so have a chack on verse 4 to the end but apart from that we will just sing sing sing!!


So running order:

Warm up

Daiyenu (let’s look at verse 2 and 3 (it’s the same shape as verse 1).


Two Metres from Trouble (rehearse verse 4 to the end: I will explain how to simply do the choirs splitting at the end as it is a rough science!)

Then we will just sing through as much of these songs as we can fit in in the remaining time:


Ali Ah


May the Road

Walking out: we will do ALL of it and I will play the recording so we see it as a whole piece again. (Do pls have a look at the lyrics of verses 2,3,4)

The Wellerman

Bristol Ho!              

I shall not be moved (again with support for opening form the recording)

Adio Querida



See you on Wedensday! 🙂

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