Wedensday 22nd June rehearsal

As I mentioned in a previous post tonight we will attempt to cover these pieces.

Please do come even if you can’t make the concert. It really speeds learning and is just good fun  to have a good crowd


Wangol (run through)

Boat on the water (get to the end of the clarinet instrumental and chorus))

I say a little prayer

I shall not be moved

Paper Moon

Dream dream dream



Oh who will oer the downs


See you there!


The full repertoire for the concert is on the previous post btw.


Jeremy’s BBC Radio 3 Appearance

link to Jeremy’s Radio 3 appearance yesterday with Joglaresa and our new album Boogie Knights

Our 20 minute segment starts at 1.33 (drag the slider across to 1 hour and 33 mins into the broadcast)….enjoy!


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