Final Rehearsal of Full Term : Weds 20th July

Hi everyone.

Well done last week.

We are in good shape for our forthcoming concert.

 On this, the last week of full term we will sing:

I say a little Prayer

Adio Querida

Picture in a frame: …. Check back on what we have done and then we will  learn the very ending.

 Boat:  Recap the end and putting it all together

Two metres from trouble:  Checking that we are comfortable about the ending

The storm is passing over

I shall not be moved



ON OUR RUNTRHOUGH REHEARSAL 7.30 – 8.30 on Weds 10th August we will try and run the whole concert. The running order and full repertoire of which is here below.


Running Order and full repertoire of Goldney Hall concert


Mercy Mercy

Paper Moon

I shall not be moved

Two metres from Trouble

Boat on the river

Bristol Ho!

The Wellerman

Oh Who will o’er the downs so free


Adio Querida


A Rose is a Rose

Only You

May the Road

Parting Glass


 The Storm is Passing Over

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