Repertoire for this Wednesday 12th September

Dear Singers,

Thank you so much to those of you who came to see Fisherman’s Friends 2 on Sunday afternoon.

We had a  splendidly silly time and I think also manged to thoroughly confuse the ordinary Sunday afternoon film goers who were in there with us….though no cinema goers were harmed in the watching of the movie…..

This week at choir we will continue with the learning of Ey Zito Zela and Now shall my inward joy arise that you started on so well last week.

So actually this week looks quite similar to last week as we will start off where we had got to with things things last week:

So running order this Weds will be:


Warm up : Amohela Dinposaro na : recap the fun warm up song

Now shall my inward joy: revising the two lines we learned last week…..

teaching soprano and alto lines: revising the two lines we learned last week

Ey Zito Zela: learning verse 1:

A pronunciation guide will accompany the individual audio of the parts.

(Look out for all audio on Tuesday Evening)


AFter that we will sing through these songs from our old repertoire:


The Storm is passing over

May the Road

Only you

Picture in a frame (if time)


See you at 7.30 in St.Werburghs!

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