BV rehearsal: Weds 15th March

Well done for getting Two Metres from trouble back into good shape last week. Great work!

Needless to say we will spend this Wednesday’s rehearsal perfecting the two pieces for our performance at St. George’s on 26th March.

Please remember that we will still also have a run-through rehearsal in our normal rehearsal venue on Friday 24th at 7pm for one hour only. VERY IMPORTANT! 😊

It will be great if you can learn Spring Fever off by heart as it goes at such a lick that only heads up throughout will work. I will be singing the lyrics at you so it should all be fine!

Anyway we will start this Wednesdays rehearsal  with a Warm Up and then work for as long as it takes to get Spring Fever sounding scrumptious.

Then we will sing Two metres from trouble

The we will run both pieces until they feel solid.

That’s all!


See you there!

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