Events till the end of term

Hallo dear Singers,

Well as you know the end of term is fast approaching. This is just to remind you of what is still to come.


Tonight (Weds 22nd March)

This evening the wonderful Jen Bell will be bringing her unique energy to the Wednesday session. She is really looking forward to it  and I know will bring some real gems along with her.


Choir Convention

The Choir Convention is this Sunday 26th. Those of you taking part in the whole thing will already have your timetables etc. However, for those of us just singing the concert in the evening here are a few details:

  • Rehearsal this Friday evening (24th March) 7pm-8pm in our usual hall at St. Werburgh’s School. You only need to come if you are actually singing the Sunday concert as we need to get used to the sound singers who will actually be on the stage on the day itself. (This rehearsal is VERY IMPORTANT if you are involved!) Please be as familiar with the words as you can and try and get at least the words of Spring Fever (esp. verse 2) learned by heart.


  • The day itself: Sunday. We will meet at 5.20 at the front of St.George’s and then find our way to our rehearsal room inside (This space is called the Apollo Room) . We will sing for 30 mins in there and then get seated for the concert which starts at 6.30 pm and will finish by 8.30pm. We are the penultimate choir to sing in the first half.



Next week final session (29th March)

 We will round off the term by spending 40 mins or so learning the final phrase and then singing through the whole of Ave Verum.

Then we will continue the evening singing through everything we have sung this term just for fun!

I’ll put a post up with all the pieces that we will do in over the weekend.

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