BV Summer term week one: Weds 19th April

Welcome back to this term’s fun and games!

Very much looking forward to seeing you all THIS WEDNESDAY for the start of our Summer term.

We are working initially towards a concert at St. Monica’s trust (a lovely venue) on the 18th June.

So let’s start things off gently:


This week we will start with  this jazzy warm-up called “scat-n-sing” by Fiona Lander:


Then we will remind ourselves of Ave Verum , to prove it was not a fluke and to bed the parts in again.


Then we will start having a look at this  brilliant arrangement of last year’s British entry for the Eurovision, Space Man (sung by Sam Ryder)

(Recording the parts now).


Then we will also look at this folky Coope, Boyes and Simpson song:

Unison in Harmony (parts will go up tomorrow)


And we can finish off with a blast of Spring Fever!




So that’s:

Scat n sing:

Ave verum

Space Man

Unison in Harmony

Spring fever



See you On Wednesday X

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