Rehearsal this week: May 17th and repertoire for St. Monica’s

Hallo everyone! All going very well this term…proud of your achievements so far….lovely sound and lovely music.

We have four more sessions till our St.Monica’s event. The concert will be quite short, a simple 50 minutes straight of our greatest hits plus the new songs we have been working at this term.

At the bottom of the email is the repertoire for St. Monica’s….most of us know most of it quite well so it should enable us all to simply enjoy singing together in a lovely acoustic.


Here is our running order for this week’s rehearsal (Do please listen through to stuff before the session to speed learning) :

Scat n’ Sing finish

Spaceman (Chorus recap then all the way through to end of the Bridge section)

Va Pensiero (I will put up the new simplified parts for the harmony of the “Arpa d’or” section tomorrow  (Tuesday) : watch this space.

Unison in Harmony (once through)

A Rose is a Rose


And here is the repertoire for St. Monica’s (afternoon of June 18th)


Ave Verum Corpus

A Rose is a Rose

Adio Querida

Bristol Ho!

California Dreaming

Two Metres from trouble

I shall not be moved

May the Road

One day like this

Paper Moon

Picture in a Frame



Spring Fever

Va Pensiero


Unison in Harmony




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