Thanks and this wedensday’s rehearsal 21st June

Der Singers,

thank you so much for a stellar performance at St. Monica’s yesterday…what a beautiful sound you all made!

Also the spirit of the performance was truly extraordinary…….the audience blooming LOVED it! As well they might …you were in tune, on message and working together in harmony as a subtel superorganism, listening well to each other and soooo responsive and quick to anything I asked of you.

Also the SOUND you make is really sweet…it sounds GOOD to the ear (and this is not true of many a community choir) and your open-mindedness to look and commit to  all sorts of repertoire and styes of singing.

You approach each unusual repertoire choice I bring with good humour and this leds to you  bringing  a surprising authenticity to each of the styles we covered, Gospel, Jazz, Pop and Classical.


Wil be nice to reconvene on Wednesday:

We will have a look at:


Strike it up tabor


Knocking on heaven’s door

Unison in Harmony

Run (by Snow Patrol) which I will put up tomorrow Tuesday.


We certainly have pleanty of fun and games still to enjoy with the five sessions still to go before the end of term on July 19th.


See you Weds with pleasure and thanks again for bringing off a great event yesterday.

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