Tonight’s running order: Safety copy

WordPress has done it again and deleted my recent running order post.

I am so sorry.

Here then again is the post that  shows our running order for tonight:


Dear all,


Was great fun to work together last week.

This week we will look at a really great new arrangement of one of my favorite “catchy” summer songs:  Shiny Happy People by REM.

It is, as they say, a banger.

There are divided parts in soprano and alto but we can deal with that no problem. For now just get familiar with the feel of the piece and your part.

Here is the original video with the wonderful singer  Kate Pierson (singer of the B-52’s) lifting the song to true heights.


This week we will therefore sing:


Shiny happy people

Sumer is icumen in

Strike it up tabor


Knocking on heaven’s door

The storm is passing over

One day like this (to make sure we don’t forget the progress we just made!)


See you Wednesday!




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