Rehearsal this Weds 19th July

Dear Singers,

You did so well last week to manage  learning the tricky corners of Shiny Happy People. thank you for the hard work…..

So at this week’s rehearsal we will take 20 mins or so to bed in these joins between the different sections of this piece, singing along together initially with the recording to help us get comfortable with the way the bits run into each other. Do prep this with a quick listen yourself before the rehearsal if you get a mo.

We will NOT be trying to get this piece performance-ready for  the Goldney Hall/ Amnesty event on 13th August to avoid unnecessary stress!

We will then spend the remainder of Wednesday’s rehearsal running through the pieces for the August gig in order.

Here below then is the updated running order : NB I have added Bristol ho! and Summer is acumin’ in  to the order….and taken OUT the repeat of Unison in Harmony.

Unison in Harmony

Two metres from trouble

Space Man

Only You

California Dreaming

Adio Querida

Summer is a cumin’ in

Picture in a Frame

The Storm is passing over

Spring Fever

Knocking on Heaven’s Door


Bristol Ho!


I shall not be moved


See you on Weds!!

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