Autumn Term – 20th September

Dear Voices,

Thank you for a wonderful rehearsal last Wednesday, you were singing in top form which is lovely to hear.
For those that missed it, I hope you had a good time not singing! We have now learned most of Life on Mars, just the ‘da da’ links and tags to learn now. Keep listening to the teach tracks, especially the ‘da da’ section, it will be so much easier to teach/learn if you come prepared.
We also learned Emily Roblyn’s ‘Grace’ which was taught at this year’s Bristol Choir Convention and then we finished with a Gaelic song of Peace ‘Sith-Shaimh Leat’ (Shee-yav lat).
Next week is going to be a busy one. We will start a NEW song by Helen Yeomans called ‘You run deep’. Words are now on DropBox. It’s only a short song so we ought to finish it. I’m afraid there aren’t any teach tracks for this as it is so new the ink is still wet. Maybe once we’ve learned it someone can record it on their phone?
We will continue to learn Saving all my Love, can we finish it? I challenge you, you’ll need to listen to the teach tracks paying particular attention to the key change!
Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th

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