Message from Jeremy

Hallo All,

just want to thank you belatedly for the lovely card you sent me with the uplifting and so so kind thoughts contained inside…….. you are marvels all of you and sorely missed in my life.

Anyway the card was REALLY apreciated as was in the middle of the chemo which was not so nice and it gave me a real lift at a difficult time.

I am now finished with all the radio and chemo for now and undergoing tests to see what’s next on this journey….i’ll keep you posted!!  i am actually feeling preety well right now so that is a blessing.

Also just to say I am so grateful to the sublime and birilliant John Conway for keeing your voices ringing out throughout this term.

Hope perhaps to catch up with you all at the christmas party, meanwhile have a great second half of term!

much love ,

Jeremy x


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